8 HVAC Tips For Homeowners

Be it summer or winter, comfort is a luxury for which a functional HVAC system is a necessity, especially in Fort Smith, AR. There is no room for inconvenient breakdowns in the middle of a heatwave or the dead of winter. Therefore, every homeowner needs to have a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure that this does not occur.

8 Useful HVAC Tips For Homeowners

These tips can range from simple home practices to hiring professional heating services in Fort Smith, like tune-ups.  

Opening Air Vents

Many homeowners may choose to close air vents instead of leaving them open. However, by doing this, the HVAC system will be prone to sustaining damage because of the large pressure load that it is experiencing. 

Calibrate To An Optimal Temperature 

The HVAC system also functions better when the thermostat is calibrated to a particular temperature. Therefore, a homeowner should view the manual to determine what temperature it should be set to for the most efficiency. 

Protect From Incoming Drafts

Drafts or cold winds can affect the functioning of the heating system in the winter. To prevent this, one can install weather strips on doors and block the regions that may cause these drafts. 

Check Ducts

Ducts are also susceptible to experiencing leaks occasionally. If this takes place, some sources state that the utility bill can increase by 30 percent. Therefore, one must carry out regular inspections of these ducts. 

Regular Maintenance

From inspections to repairs, HVAC maintenance in Fort Smith is a must to prolong the lifespan of the HVAC system and prevent it from breaking down. It is especially helpful for days when the temperature can get extreme. 

Clear Condensate Drain

The condensate or water droplets that form within the AC usually escape through the drain line, meaning that it can also promote mold growth. To clear out this drain, one can add a store-bought drain cleaner or vinegar, or bleach. 

Clean Internal Components

Homeowners are also required to clean the condenser and the evaporator coils or even heating and air in Fort Smith for the same. This is because these coils tend to lose their efficiency and ability to function when a layer of dirt is present on them. In addition to this, these coils are one of the more expensive than most components of the AC, costing around $400- $1200 to replace. 

Inspect Flame

The flame’s color is also important as it can indicate if there are certain problems with the furnace. Normally, the color should be blue indicating that normal combustion is taking place. Any other color will mean that one needs to hire professionals for heating services. This is especially true when there are long streaks of yellow or orange present in the flame. 

Therefore, these eight tips cover a small portion of the maintenance that one needs to provide for their HVAC system. However, if any doubts crop up, you can consider calling Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning ServicesYou can attain a range of HVAC maintenance by calling (479) 474-8850.