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Air filters significantly impact HVAC equipment’s functioning and other important indoor environment features. Getting your air filter changed out in Van Buren, AR, every 2-3 months is essential to keep the indoor air healthy. This article will briefly introduce air filters and explain why these seemingly components are important to your home’s air conditioning systems.

How Do Air Filters Function?

After passing through the air filter, the air contains significantly fewer particles. Creating a layer of particles on the filter medium’s upstream side aids in screening new particles and improves the systems purifying efficiency. The air filter must be frequently cleaned or replaced to prevent it from becoming clogged or blinded, which would restrict airflow. If you cannot DIY, search online for an AC specialist near me and have them do it for you

How Do Air Filters Help?

Reduction in Allergic Responses:

If you have allergies, purchasing an air filter for your air conditioner could be of tremendous aid. Allergy symptoms will be reduced or eliminated if the air in your home is cleaner. If this function is installed in your system, there will be less dust and other airborne particles responsible for this effect.

Clean and Filtered Air:

Installing air filters in your air conditioner contributes to a more restful night’s sleep. This is because they are good at reducing the quantities of dust, foul odours, and other particles that may circulate in your home throughout the day.

Here Are Some Benefits of Keeping an Air Conditioner's Air Filters Clean:

Long Life of the HVAC Unit:

The air conditioner will struggle to regulate the air if the air filter is dirty. However, keeping your air conditioner’s filters clean regularly will help lessen the strain on it and prolong its life.

Decreased Carbon Footprint:

Maintaining a healthy air conditioner is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the environmental impact on your family. As a result, your air conditioner will continue to work at its peak performance longer, resulting in higher energy efficiency.

Better Energy Efficiency:

Changing the air conditioner’s filter is a simple first step if you’ve seen an increase in your energy expenses but don’t believe you can do anything about it. In terms of the amount of energy it helps save, a new air conditioning filter can frequently save more money than it costs.

Safeguards the Environment:

When an air filter becomes clogged, it strains the HVAC system, emitting considerable quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Even something as simple as periodically replacing an air filter can improve environmental protection.


You should replace your air filter every one to two months. If you have pets, it is advised to replace the filter more frequently, as it will be more likely to collect pet hair and other pollutants. If you reside in a place with a high pollen concentration, you may want to consider replacing the air conditioner or furnace filter more frequently.

If you have allergies, changing the filter on your air conditioner or furnace more often enhances the likelihood that you can breathe easily at home and will not experience severe allergic reactions. Contact Tom’s heating and air conditioning anytime you require air filter changeouts services in Van Buren, AR.