Generators in Arkansas River Valley, Van Buren, Fort Smith, AR, and the Surrounding Areas

Electricity is one of the most important forms of energy used by mankind. Consumers can get electrical energy from the grid, solar panels or back up generators. Obviously, the grid is what powers the vast majority of homes while solar panels are used to reduce over-reliance on the grid. Since power outages normally occur due to a failure of the grid while solar panels cannot produce energy at night, every property should have a backup generator to power the home or commercial property when the power goes out. Generator installation in Arkansas is a one-time investment that can pay off quickly and help to ensure optimal home comfort. In case of a business premise, you can continue using computers and other office appliances even when there is a blackout. At Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we are specialists in generator installation, so we can install the most suitable backup generators for both commercial and residential clients.

Types of Backup Generators

Generators in Arkansas River Valley

Our technicians are factory-trained to install a wide range of generators for different types of consumers. There are diesel, gasoline, and gas generators that you can use at home or in your business premise to provide power when there is a power outage. When there is a blackout, some generators will turn on automatically while others have to be started manually. What makes automatic generators different is the fact that they have a system that starts the engine automatically. The system also has an automatic switch, which transfers the load from the grid to the generator, and this is done automatically in seconds.

HVAC and Generator Installation

At Tom’s, we have been in the HVAC and generator installation business long enough to know what needs to be done. This means we have a lot of expertise in the industry, so you can expect the right generator to be installed properly by our technicians. We can also help you maintain the generator.

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