Sheet Metal Fabrication in Arkansas River Valley, Van Buren, Fort Smith, AR, and the Surrounding Areas

HVAC systems consist of a number of parts, some of which move and others that are stationary. The two most important parts are the heater and the air conditioner, but the ductwork is just as important. Air ducts are basically air passages that take air from different parts of the building to the heater or air conditioner. After filtration and heating/cooling, air is taken back to the room through a series of clean air ducts. As you can see, air ducts are also an important part of HVAC systems. With time, air ducts may get corroded or damaged in one way or the other. Since every HVAC system is unique, you will need to contact a company offering sheet metal fabrication to design and fabricate the required section of the HVAC system. At Tom’s Heat and Air Conditioning, we can help you with that.

Commercial and Residential HVAC Company

sheet metal fabricationAt Tom’s Heat & Air Conditioning, we have been in business for over 30 years, serving Arkansas residents. We have been providing the residents of western Arkansas with a variety of services ranging from design and installation to maintenance and repairs. We handle both residential and commercial HVAC systems, so you can always count on our team for all your HVAC needs. In addition to these services, we also offer financing for all installation works. You can choose either the 18-month interest-free financing offer or the low-interest, 5.99%, affordable financing.

Purpose of Sheet Metal

Air ducts, both the corrugated cylindrical type and box type, are all made of sheet metal. There are different types of fabrication machines that are used to corrugate and curve, or simply bend sheet metal to make air ducts. Apart from air ducts, other parts that can be fabricated include; the vents and casing of the air handler, condenser, and the heater. For all your sheet metal fabrication needs, be sure to contact our team at Tom’s Heat & Air Conditioning.

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