Duct Design, Installation & Repair in Arkansas River Valley, Van Buren, Fort Smith, AR, and the Surrounding Areas

Central heating and cooling systems cannot work without air ducts. The ductwork is responsible for transporting air from the room to the heater/cooler and back to different rooms inside the building. Over the decades, a number of air duct designs have been developed. The most basic is a series of metal boxes joined together to form one continuous passageway for air. Today, however, air ducts come in form of cylindrical tubes that are corrugated. The corrugation helps to increase the strength of the air ducts. During air duct installation, the ducts must be secured to the ceiling or wall of the building. With time, however, air ducts can get damaged. The walls of the ducts can get corroded and develop leaks, which will lead to energy losses. At Tom’s Heating and Cooling, we offer effective duct design, installation & repair services in Arkansas.

Duct Installation & Repair Services

duct designWe have employed highly qualified HVAC installers who can design air ducts for any type of central HVAC system, regardless of scale. Our installers are NATE-certified and possess a lot of industry experience. We also offer duct repair services. It is important to note that damaged air ducts not only cause energy wastage but can also significantly reduce the quality of air circulating in the building. This is due to the fact that when air passes through the air ducts at high velocity the pressure inside the ducts reduces. As a result, dust, fecal matter from rodents and birds, and insect carcasses from the surroundings will be sucked into the air ducts through any holes and gaps, thereby contaminating the air.

Plugging Duct Leaks

Our technicians can effectively plug these leaks and take care of any other problem in your air ducts. If your ducts are dirty, we can effectively clean the entire system to improve your IAQ. Call us today to schedule a duct installation or repair service

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