Heat Pumps in Arkansas River Valley, Van Buren, Fort Smith, AR, and the Surrounding Areas

Hailing from Arkansas, I am sure you are quite aware of how extreme the weather from season to season can become, and on completely different sides of the scale. Tom’s has the solution to your heating and cooling dilemmas, and we’ll guarantee your comfort no matter whether it is blowing icy gales in winter, or melting the sidewalks in the summer. That’s why you should trust us with your heat pumps and any repairs you may need.

Heat Pumps in Arkansas River Valley and the Surrounding Areas

Heat Pumps in Arkansas River Valley and the Surrounding AreasA heat pump is a device that moves heat from a colder area to a hotter area through the use of mechanical energy. The setup consists of two components. The indoor unit is called an air handler, while the outdoor unit is called the heat pump. A compressor is used to circulate refrigerant which absorbs and releases heat as it moves between the outdoor and indoor units. Very obviously, these kinds of setups are not simple to install, and need the handling of a qualified specialist in the field, if you really want to get the maximum benefit from the equipment.

Installations – Perfection Personified

For high-efficiency, cost-saving heating installation, we have the solution. We provide a service that leaves you shrugging off the cold with ease, or laughing in the face of the deadly heat outside.  We offer gas or electrically driven heat pumps in Arkansas River valley, dependent on your preference. Our technical team is on hand to discuss with you the pros and cons, and make recommendations based on your requirements.

Maintenance – Smooth Running

Maintenance is an integral part of the upkeep of your heat pump. Our team is more than competent in carrying out your heat pump maintenance, down to the last fine detail. We ensure that the downtime on your heat pump system through preventable breakdowns is reduced drastically.

Repairs – Extended Lifespan

Although this is something nobody enjoys paying for, it does become necessary at some point. Mechanical equipment, moving components, degradation, and eventual breakdown. Our repairs are the best in the business. Reliable, affordable, and durable, exactly what you expect from any repair service. We guarantee that your heat pump will show enhanced capabilities and an extended lifespan.

Replacements – Time To Throw Out The Old

A well-installed, quality heat pump is built to last for many years. In most cases, 10-12 years is what is expected, if you have been rigid about your maintenance regime, and regularly had your system tuned. There will come a time, eventually, where your heat pump system just won’t be performing as it should anymore. Perhaps you have noticed a steady rise in your utilities, or an odd smell being emitted. Repairs seem to be more frequent, and not as lasting as they once were. If you find that your old heat pump is simply not making the grade anymore, and is costing a small fortune in repairs, it is time to seek professional help. Our technicians will gladly investigate all your areas of concern, and provide you with advice on what course of action must be taken. It may have come to a time where paying for repairs is simply throwing good money after bad. We will be upfront, and completely honest with you. If your system has some life left in it, we’ll gladly provide you with a repair, however, if your system has seen better days, we’ll offer you a replacement that is more modern, energy-efficient, and cost-effective to operate.

We Are The Number One Choice In The Area

Locally owned, and operated for many years, we understand the needs of the community of Arkansas and surrounds, and we know what is expected from an air management system. We have been providing 100% satisfactory results, and have grown in experience, and expertise over the years. Our service is fast, reliable, and customer-focused, and you can be assured that our technicians and staff display the same characteristics. We provide quality service, superior products, and customer service that leaves nothing to your imagination. 

Heat Pumps For Cooling

Heat Pumps For Heating

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