Mini-Split Heater Maintenance Services in Fort Smith, Van Buren, AR and Surrounding Areas

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A mini-split heater, also known as a ductless heat pump, has become extremely popular nowadays because of its energy-saving, multi-zone, and easy-to-maintain features. There are two units of this heating system. One is an indoor unit, and the other is an outdoor compressor.

These units connect with the help of a refrigerant line and require no air duct. The outdoor unit generates hot air and circulates it through the indoor unit.

A mini-split heater usually costs more for installation than a furnace, but it is an affordable option in the long run. It uses less energy and saves money on utility bills. The ductless heat pumps also need less maintenance and have a lifespan of up to 30 years.

Maintenance Required By Mini Split Heaters in Van Buren, AR.

We can divide the maintenance requirement of a mini-split heater into three categories. These three categories are:

DIY Cleaning

Homeowners usually schedule a professional cleaning service once a year only as a part of the annual tune-up, but as your heating system remains in use for almost half the year, you need to clean it frequently. Dirt accumulation leads to low energy efficiency. Therefore, one should clean the condenser coils, drain lines, and air vents and replace air filters on time to prevent this problem.

You can invest in the condenser coil cleaning spray for efficient cleaning. You can use a soft brush and vacuum to clean other parts. A flush of one spoon of chlorine bleach with water removes all the blockage-causing particles from drain lines. The filter replacement is required only once in 60-90 days.

Safe And Wise Use

The lifespan and performance of a mini-split heater depend on how carefully we use our heating unit. We should not keep other electronic appliances or smoke-producing things near the mini split unit. Set the temperature accurately to prevent energy wastage.

We should also keep the windows and doors closed for better heating. Do not handle faulty wiring and power supply-related issues yourself. Hire a trained professional for this.

Professional Maintenance

Annual professional maintenance and tune-up is the essential service required. One should schedule heating service twice yearly for higher efficiency and a longer life span of the system. Professional heating maintenance services fix every small and big fault and improve the mini-split heater’s performance and efficiency. For heating services in Fort Smith, contact Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC.

Benefits Of Mini-Split Heater Maintenance.

Improved Air Quality

After the annual heating maintenance service, you will experience better indoor air. Improving indoor air is also good for our health. An annual HVAC maintenance service is necessary if you live with a big family or have pets.

Balanced Energy Consumption

Annual maintenance is a service that ensures your energy bills never come more than expected. Our heating services in Fort Smith enhance the efficiency of the mini split heater.

Longer Unit Life

As the maintenance services prevent premature wear and tear, it adds extra years to the lifespan of the heating unit. The professional service also reduces the need for repairs and helps you save money.


Professional and experienced mini-split heater maintenance services are of utmost necessity and have several benefits too. That is the reason why this service is recommended by every HVAC professional. Are you also looking for a maintenance plan for mini-split heaters in Van Buren, AR? Talk with the experts of Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC.