10 Benefits of ductless cooling and heating system

The traditional central heating or cooling system circulates coolant through air ducts, whereas a ductless HVAC system directly blows cool air in every room where blowers are installed. 

In the ducted HVAC category, we need separate heating and cooling devices. To get the desired temperature, we have to set the ductless system on cooling or heating mode.

Ten benefits of ductless HVAC

  • It cuts energy costs

 A ductless system consumes less energy but provides good cooling and heating. As this system does not have ductwork, there is less possibility of refrigerant leakage. A ductless system can save 30% of the wasted energy due to ducts.

  • Environment-friendly SEER

The ductless system has up to 30 SEER ratings. It is highly energy-efficient. A ductless system is a commendable choice for both the environment and your comfort due to its high energy efficiency.

  • More convenient

The ductless HVAC maintenance in Fort Smith is less costly. As there is no ductwork, you don’t have to call a technician for duct cleaning. It is convenient as it provides heating and cooling without installing a furnace and air conditioner separately.

  • Minimize carbon footprint 

Carbon footprint, in simple words, is the emission of greenhouse gas. The carbon footprint increases more with the increase in energy consumption. High carbon dioxide emission is the reason behind unfavorable climate change. As ductless systems have better energy ratings, they minimize the carbon footprint.

  • High-quality cooling and heating

Ductless system provides more efficient cooling and heating as it has smart features and a multi-zone system.

  • Impressive indoor air quality

Ductless systems have better filtration and a dehumidifier. It controls the humidity level and provides better air quality than a ducted system.

  • Versatility that meets expectations

Ductless systems are versatile and can provide both heating and cooling. The multi-zone system helps you set different temperatures for each room. This versatility makes it more convenient to use and a better choice for your budget.

  • Quick and easy installation

As ductless AC does not require any ductwork, it will reduce the time that goes into duct installation. It is why installing a mini-split AC is faster and easier than installing a central air conditioning system. Get the finest AC installation from AC specialist near you.

  • Availability of utility rebates

You become eligible for utility rebates when you switch to an energy-efficient HVAC system. Therefore, it becomes a thoughtful choice for our environment. Many companies offer utility debates for the installation of a ductless system. You have to apply for the rebate before installing the system.

  • Better for home interior

During the ductless installation, the technician will not have to damage the interior to install the ductwork. Mini-split systems have a more stylish design, giving a better interior look.


The ductless HVAC has a long list of benefits, and it is better than the ducted system in many aspects. Contact Tom’s Heating and Air for ductless installation and AC servicing near you and surrounding areas. We provide the best technicians and are recognized by NATE, BBB, EPA, and Goodman. Contact us today to learn more about our services.