5 Ways to Reduces HVAC Noise in an Open Office Space

Modern-day offices are very different from those that existed a few years back. Today offices mostly feature an open space shared by almost every employee without the physical barriers like cubicles. Studies have proven that this environment boosts productivity, improves an individual’s mood, and helps eradicate any signs of seclusion or alienation in them. Promotes collaboration and participation between employees and helps foster the “team spirit”.

However, such orientation has its drawbacks, like too much noise. HVAC noise can latently contribute significantly to the noise in an open office space environment. Such noise can diminish productivity to a great extent. There are solutions to these problems which any company can implement for a quieter work environment. We have put together a some ideas any open space work environment can make use of to lower the indoor acoustics considerably. 

An HVAC that makes less noise

One of the best ways to reduces noise inside office spaces is to buy a quieter HVAC that makes less operational noise. Office spaces require higher-powered HVACs, and with age, their humming becomes increasingly prominent and can be a strong deterrent for the employees. 

Installing smart HVACs right off the bat is arguably the best way to lower the noise in office spaces. Modern-day HVACs are laced with VRF systems designed to run at lower capacities for long hours so that you are not bothered with the high-power motor going on and off every 10-15 minutes. If that wasn’t enough, HVACs with VRF systems also consume less energy than traditional HVACs. 

Optimal location of fans and air handlers

The position of HVACs, fans, etc., is quintessential in lowering the overall noise in an open space. They should be placed in such a ways that their performance or efficiency isn’t compromised and at the same time stays away or in a position that doesn’t grab too much attention. Such adjustments can be made during any HVAC Maintenance Fort Smith

Sound boots 

Rugged boots are a great addition in your endeavors to reduce noise and manage acoustics inside an office space. These are very quick and easy to install too. Schedule a Furnace Repair Fort Smith, AR, for an easy installation. 

Improving comfort in break rooms 

Break-room, a smoking/telephone area, is one of the spaces in any office that allows employees a momentary relief from the bustle of the office space. Making such an area comfortable can improve an employee’s mood, concentration, health, and productivity. Many people complain about their break rooms or smoking areas getting suffocated after a while. Proper ventilation and temperature control should tackle such issues easily. 

Using sound-absorbing materials 

Modern office designs often call for surfaces with a glossy finish and shiny furnishing to make the area look more appealing and comfortable. That may be true, but such surface bounces sound too much. An office can add carpets, wall hangings, plants, etc., to reduce the surface area for sound to bounce off. 

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