7 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill in the Wasatch Front Region During the Winter

Are increasing heating bills blowing a hole in your pocket this winter? It could be a result of overlooking some trivial yet crucial aspects concerning your heating system.

Nonetheless, you can lessen the heating bill in the Wasatch Front region without compromising your comfort, making some small changes. Here are some tips to help you save big this season.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Services

Get a technician to examine your system before the fall breaks in. He will help you inspect thermostat settings, clean and oil the internal parts while checking the unit’s startup and shutdown controls.

This will help you lower down the chances of dealing with any emergency heat pump repair in Fort Smith during the season.

  • Invest in Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats help to reduce your heating bills by predetermining the standard temperature around your activity area. More so, you easily get access to operate your system being anywhere out in the vicinity.

Besides, smart thermostats let you monitor the total electricity consumed over time and give you choices to make smart use of energy. So you can evaluate what you are actually paying for and where you can make a difference. Get services of heating and air in Fort Smith, AR.

  • Change Your Air Filters

The dust and debris get accumulated in your air filters with regular or no use of your HVAC system. This halts the easy operation of the unit. Hence, result in more energy consumption, which seemingly makes your heating bills go high.

Replacing them once in a while is the best way to cut down your heating bills and keep your system run efficiently. Therefore, ensure changing your air filters every month and also keep up with their regular cleaning alongside.

  • Look For Cracks

Examine your doors and windows to check for cracks as these can be the primary source of heat leakage. Seal in any drafts with caulking and cover your windows with plastic wrap to provide better insulation.

Sealing leaks will help keep the heat intact without letting the chills disturb your comfort. This will cease your system to do the extra job to keep your home warm, hence save both energy and money.

  • Limit the Use of Vent Appliances

Venting appliances force the hot air out, allowing the cold air to settle in. Therefore, avoid leaving your exhaust fans or other vent appliances running over a prolonged period to save costs.

  • Turn Down the Temperature

Lowering down your thermostat seven to ten degrees from its standard settings for eight hours can help you reduce your heating bills. Set the temperature to 68° F or so and lower it down while you sleep.

  • Cover Your Water Heater

Cold temperature can make it hard for your unit to operate, increasing everyday energy consumption. A cheap and quick way to save money is to wrap your water heater with an insulation cover.

Want to make your home more energy efficient? Experts at Tom’s Heating & Air are here to assist you through the course. Contact us today at (479) 474-8850 to book an appointment for the best heating services in Fort Smith.