8 Typical Symptoms that your Furnace Needs Repair

You depend on your furnace during the winter to keep your house warm. However, some damage may occur to the appliance without your knowledge because your furnace has been off for half the year.

It’s essential to schedule furnace repairs when a problem with your furnace system emerges. Furnace repair experts in Fort Smith recommend servicing the furnace annually before or at the beginning of the winter season.

Signs That Indicate Your Furnace Requires Professional Furnace Repair Service

Abnormal Furnace Odors

Furnaces smell like the fuel they consume when turned on for the first time in a year. Suppose you detect a strong fuel odor around the furnace system. In this case, an unexpected odor or a persistent smell might be due to an internal gas leak or excessive dust. Have a furnace repair expert in Fort Smith examine the odor to find the root cause of the problem.

Strange Noises

The furnace’s popping, squeaking, and creaking sounds could indicate something is wrong. Getting the furnace system inspected by our qualified technicians is essential because the component requires attention. The faulty component can cause several other problems if it remains unattended.

Discolored Pilot Light

The furnace’s pilot light should be a crisp blue color. It could indicate a carbon monoxide leak in your furnace if it appears yellow.

Rising Energy Costs

If you see a monthly increase in your energy bill, your furnace is working inefficiently and needs to be serviced. It may indicate that your furnace isn’t operating if you notice unexplainable increased costs. In this case, you should have our certified professionals inspect your furnace.

Uneven Distribution of Heat in the House

Even when the heating system is on, you could discover that some portions of your home are still cool. Adding insulation around your doors and windows might help fix this issue. If fixing an issue in the duct system is expensive, it is better to schedule a furnace repair in Fort Smith.

Old Thermostat Batteries

If your furnace doesn’t turn on, the batteries may have drained and may require a fresh pair of batteries. However, you can make an appointment with our furnace service experts if purchasing new thermostat batteries doesn’t fix the issue.

The detector for carbon monoxide is Tripped

The carbon monoxide detector in your furnace warns you when dangerous gases are present. When the alarm sounds, immediately shut off the heater and open the windows. To ascertain the source of the gas, speak with your gas company and an HVAC technician.

The Age of Your Furnace is Over 20 Years Old

Most furnaces only last for a maximum of 15-20 years. Your furnace may benefit from an examination and tune-up if it is getting older to ensure it is still functioning properly.

Bottom Line,

Homeowners can perform basic furnace repairs, but skilled specialists should handle more complex issues. Call Tom’s Heating and Air at (479)474-8850 if your furnace isn’t working efficiently, and schedule an appointment with our heating replacement expert in Fort Smith.