Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winters

As seasons change, a few things change in your household as well. For instance, you get your house ready for the oncoming extreme cold temperatures with layers of wool, mittens, and boots. The furnace in your house is one of those things that need to get ready for winter too. Of course, turning the knob to “HEAT” does the trick, but it’s always wise to make some necessary checks before you and your furnace plunge into the winter season. 

Many homeowners can’t decide if they need professional help or can do a quick check themselves. We advise you to do both. There is a list of things you can examine to make your furnace winter-ready! 


Turn the thermostat to heating and keep it at a couple of degrees higher than your room temperature. In case you don’t hear the heater kick start after a while, you can do some inspections like investigating the plugs and power source. If that doesn’t do the work, a furnace repair in Fort Smith, ARwill get your problem fixed in no time. 

Air filters

Irrespective of the type of filters you have, change or clean them thoroughly before the winter arrives. It would help if you always clean & clear your filters every few months and not wait for the next scheduled service visit. Clean filters prolong the appliance’s life, make it consume less energy, are good for the environment, and channel cleaner air into your house. If your HVAC has a humidifier, consider changing its filter and setting humidistat too.

Heat exchanger 

All heat exchangers should be thoroughly cleaned by trained professionals. A leak in these heat exchangers can lead to leakage of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) into your living spaces. So call furnace repair in Fort Smith, AR, before such a scenario unfolds.

Ignition switch

New HVAC systems have electric igniters so that you don’t have to relight the pilot switch. If the ignition button doesn’t work, try the reset button. After that, check the breaker, and if your heater still doesn’t fire up, have a furnace repair in Fort Smith, AR, professional look at it. 

Chimneys and CO detectors 

Chimneys are often overlooked if you comes to routine maintenance of HVACs. Have a trained professional deep clean your chimneys and carbon monoxide detectors as well. CO, also known as the “silents killer,” is, as the name suggests, fatal to human beings and is often not detected untils it’s very late. 

AC Condenser 

It is very important to cover your condenser to protect it from falling icicles. If you have be heat pump, do not cover it at all. Use a trash can lid or any board to cover the top and fan but do not use a kind of object or material that locks the moisture in. 

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