What Can Cause a Furnace is Not Working?

A broken furnace may be dangerous to your house and should be repaired as soon as possible. A broken furnace might be the consequence of a variety of factors. Some of the most likely reasons are discussed below:

1. Check the thermostat

Manually adjust the thermostat to a five-degree warmer setting and see whether the furnace turns on. Also, sure that the thermostat is set to “Heat” rather than “Cool.”

  • Check thoroughly before you call experts from furnace repair in Fort Smith area to ensure that the thermostat isn’t the issue. Modern thermostats may be complicated to program; check the instruction manual to know how to reset them.
  • Make sure the time and date are accurate. An imperfectly synchronized thermostat might be the source of the issue if it is preprogrammed to heat the home at a particular time of day but does not work as expected.

Read the thermostat troubleshooting in the instruction manual! It should be included in the handbook that came with the thermostat. If you’ve misplaced your guide, look it up online! Or just call up the furnace Repair in Fort Smith.

2. Check the ignition switch for the pilot light

A malfunctioning pilot light ignition switch is a significant source of furnace problems. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to assess and potentially resolve the issue:

  • Turn off the gas or electricity to the furnace and wait for the gas to clear.
  • Then, re-start the furnace by pressing the ignition button.
  • Always follow the instructions provided by the furnace manufacturer.

If you hear a banging/scraping noise from the furnace, turn it off and call a professional. Contact your local furnace repair in Fort Smith for ignition switch repair or replacement if you can’t get the pilot light to light again.

3. Check fixtures and components

A furnace is made up of several other components that operate together. If one or more of here components fails, your furnace may become unusable.

  • An obstructed air filter – It is one of the most prevalent reasons for a furnace not working correctly. If the flat and pleated filters are packed with dust and grime, replace them.
  • The Circuit’s Breaker – Due to a power outage, the furnace may have been switched off. Ensure the circuit breaker isn’t tripped and that the switch isn’t turned on.

4. Check your blower motor

One of your gas furnace’s important components is your blower motor since it pushes air through the HVAC system. You may check the blower motor by peeking through the tiny plastic window. Examine it to see if here is a flashing green light burning.

If you observe a flashing green light or any color apart from the regular one, it implies that your heating system will require the attention of an HVAC specialist. Be sure to alert the HVAC provider about any blinking light when making the service call.

If the issue is beyond your DIY skills, search furnace repair in Fort Smith area and contact the HVAC experts at Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning. You can call us at (479) 474-8850 or schedule an appointment online to get your furnace back up and running.