What Do You Do if You Smell a Foul or Unusual Odor Coming Your Vents

No one wants to have a foul smell in their house. But what do you do if you smell a foul odor coming from AC vents? We understand how difficult it can be to locate the source of the odor. It’s difficult for you since your ductwork is designed to distribute air to all regions of your home (including foul scents), making it impossible to pinpoint the source of the stench. Furthermore, the range of reasons is far broader than you might think.

Mould and mildew, animals in your home or ducts, duct leaks, plumbing leaks and troubles, building materials, or mechanical concerns, such as a leaking (and dangerous) heat exchanger or a defective blower motor that is overheating, can all generate odors in your ductwork.

Unusual Odors Coming From Your Vents

The good news is that many of these odors can be identified and connected to causes, making it much easier to find and eliminate them. But if you want some specialist to help you, then look for an AC specialist near you.

Stale Air/Dirty Socks/Stinky Feet

These odors are frequently related to mold and mildew issues, which can grow both inside your heater and ductwork, as well as in sections of your home where your ducts can disperse these odors. If you can discover any house places where the odor is stronger, you may have found the source. Look at any ducting in your crawlspace or attic. For small mold/mildew areas, a quick wipe with a cleaning cloth may suffice. You can also look for AC servicing near you.


If your vents smell like raw sewage, there’s only one thing to blame: sewage. The odor could be caused by a clogged sewer line or a plumbing or sewer vent pipe crack. If it’s close enough to your ducts, the odor will be carried throughout your home through the ducts. So get this work done by looking for an  AC specialist.

Foul Egg

This is one that many households are familiar with: natural gas is odorless, and the “rotten eggs” odor we’re used to is an additive to prevent any explosive hazards. The smell of rotten eggs maybe indicates a gas leak. You should immediately open the windows, leave the house, and contact your gas company to determine the exact site of the leak and arrange for repairs.


If you detect an odor and believe something is on fire, first, make sure nothing is on fire. Check the heater once you’re safe. If you find that the burning smell is thickest around your heater, the fan may be malfunctioning. Various mechanical difficulties can increase friction, which quickly overheats the fan and emits a burning odor throughout your home. So look for your air conditioning service.

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