What Happens During a Fall HVAC Tune-Up? 

An essential service like an HVAC tune-up should be on everyone’s to-do list, especially right before the weather starts to get more extreme. Technicians offering HVAC maintenance in Fort Smith usually recommend carrying out a tune-up in the fall as a way to notice and repair all the damages that the system has sustained in the months prior. 

Another reason why a fall tune-up makes sense is the fact that the temperature at this time, especially in early fall, is pleasant and not unbearable. Therefore, if the HVAC system is unavailable due to heating services in Fort Smithyou can still live fairly comfortably. 

What Does HVAC Maintenance in Fort Smith Involve?

As is the case with every other region, the maintenance or tune-up service provided by technicians in Fort Smith involves a wide range of tasks. These include: 

  • Inspecting

During this step, an HVAC technician will examine the entire unit to check if there are any damages either in the furnace or the AC. They inspect the following components: 

  1. Tension in the fan belt
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. State of burners 
  4. Level of gas pressure 
  5. Pilot light or electrical ignition 
  6. Gas or oil line 
  7. System controls 
  8. Flue pipe
  9. Thermostat functioning 
  • Cleaning

The unit will then receive a thorough wipe down in addition to other cleaning services to remove the layers of dirt that settle on and within the system. This is especially important for the cooling unit in an HVAC system because this unit is prone to experiencing mold growth. Mold growth can result in the AC releasing unpleasant fumes. 

During this time, technicians will prioritize cleaning the following components: 

  1. Condensate drain 
  2. The outdoor unit of AC 
  3. Return and supply vents 

Homeowners should also add protective coverings over their outdoor unit to prevent unwanted debris from entering it. 

  • Replacing

In case any component has sustained irreparable damage, technicians will suggest you replace it rather than repairing it. Components like belts, air filters, and more are generally replaced rather than repaired. In particular, the air filters have to undergo replacement almost every six months to protect the interior of the AC from dust and more. This is especially important after a long summer as several allergens and a layer of dirt are sure to stick to the surface of the filter and decrease its ability to remove dirt effectively. 

  • Auditing

Finally, technicians offering a tune-up in heating and air in Fort Smith, AR, may also offer the option to schedule an energy audit. These audits will help find how air-tight one’s home is and determine if the AC is capable of cooling every space. Therefore, these audits will help to reduce the amount one pays towards the utility bills. 

As a homeowner that depends on their HVAC, hiring professionals for HVAC maintenance will help to drastically improve the functioning of one’s HVAC system. Therefore, consider getting your HVAC tune-up from Tom’s Heating and Air Conditioning. To book our services, you can either call (479) 474-8850 or send an email to [email protected].