When Should You Turn Your Furnace Off?

Furnaces are one of the most versatiles and trusted HVACs anyone can buy. However, they do consume a relatively moderate amount of energy compared to other HVAC systems. Still, energy consumption can be monitored with routine maintenance and turning your furnace off when not in use. 

You may turn your furnace off when 

  • It’s not in use, that is, during the offseason

It is always a good idea to turn your furnace off during summer or spring. Furnaces are notorious for consuming small amounts of power even when not used. Many internal components may also witness accelerated wear and tear if they are left on throughout the year. Some of them are very costly to repair or replace. 

Turning down the furnace when not in use also saves a massive amount of energy. If your furnace is not running, it is not consuming any energy, but that isn’t entirely true. Furnaces keep drawing small amounts of energy even when not they are not running. 

  • When you’re going out of town 

You do not want to come home to a cold and chilly house, and we understand that. However, top contractors of heating services Fort Smith advise that you must turn off your furnace if you are going away for a long time and your house will be unattended. Long periods of unmonitored operation can cause your bills to skyrocket and pose a safety hazard. 

Even a small misconnection in wirings or an overheated heat exchanger can cause a series of complications ranging from a breakdown of the furnace to fire hazards. If you fear repeated furnace Maintenance, you can implement a few measures such as covering vents and registers, adjusting the thermostats, etc., to ensure that your furnace is good to go when you are back after weeks or months. 

How to turn off a furnace 

To turn off a furnace safely and efficiently, we have mentioned a few steps any furnace owner can follow.

  • Adjust thermostat 

Turn off the heating function of your furnace from your thermostat and switch off any other mode that might be operational. Having turned down your furnace from the furnace, you can safely turn down the power supply to the appliance. 

  • Replace furnace filters

After a season of prolonged use throughout the winter, we advise you to change your filters too. It saves time and effort to perform the task before the forthcoming winter. Keeping your filter clean will do wonders for your furnace’s efficiency and performance. Schedule for a Furnace Repair Fort Smith for a quick filter replacement. 

  • Turn off the pilot light 

Turning off the pilot light can be tricky. Pilot light is a small blue light inside the furnace that indicates adequate gas supply and production of heat. To turn off the pilot light, you will have to find the gas valve connecting the furnace to the gas chamber. Turn the valve to the off positions to switch off the pilot light.  

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