Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

An air conditioner is a complex piece of equipment with a lot of processes going on inside. Nevertheless, the latest models are quieter than ever with noise dampening technology and two-stage compressors. So if you hear abnormal sounds higher than 55 decibels, do not ignore it and call Tom’s heat and air, the best AC service Fort Smith, immediately to get it checked. It is not advisable to wait for too long since the possibly small issue can cause major dysfunctions later on.

Types Of Noises That Your AC Makes:

 Contact AC repair Fort Smith AR, right away if you hear any of the sounds described below:

  •  Banging Noises

 Compressors usually make such banging noises because of a loose or broken part. If you are lucky, it may only be a piston pin or a connecting rod, or an unbalanced indoor blower. If not, you may need to replace the whole compressor altogether. Contact us for an AC servicing near you in Fort Smith AR for a quick check-up and resolve the issue with your air conditioner immediately.

  • Clicking Sound

While it is normal to hear clicking sounds when switching on or shutting down the unit, you need to quickly contact Tom’s heat and air conditioner repair if you hear clicking sounds repeatedly. It could mean a defective thermostat or an electrical issue.

  • Rattling Noise

Debris like rocks, sticks, and bushes could be stuck in the outdoor unit that will cause the rattling sound when the fans start running. It could also mean loose fan blades or a loose part that starts rattling when the unit is turned on. Rattling is one of the most common problems faced by AC owners. A simple service check can sort out the issues. We are the most reliable company for AC service.

  • Buzzing Sound

Buzzing sounds can mean various electrical issues depending on where it is coming from. Buzzing noises coming from the outdoor unit could mean faulty capacitors. While noise coming from the inside unit could mean a wire is not properly connected to the circuit breaker. Or it could simply mean an abnormal voltage supply in your area. Any electrical issue within your air conditioner should be treated immediately since they tend to dangerously destroy the whole unit in no time. 

  • Squeaking and Squealing Noises

Currently, all the latest air conditioner models use direct motors. Although, if your unit is an older version that uses blower fan belts, the squeaking and squealing sounds can be due to those belts going off track or simply due to old age. If you are facing the same issue and looking for an air conditioner repair, do not hesitate to contact our team. Hire an AC specialist near you.

  • Whistling or Screaming Noise

If you happen to hear any high-frequency whistling noises from your air conditioner’s vents or any of the unit components, switch it off and contact maintenance services immediately. It may have been caused either due to a refrigerant leak or high internal pressure. Both of the situations are highly dangerous for your machine as well as your home.

Is your air conditioner making any of the above-mentioned noises? Worry not, Tom’s heating and air conditioning services are the most reliable air conditioner repair. Call us at (479) 474-8850 to schedule an appointment or book one through our website.