Wondering What Kind of HVAC Filter Should I Use? Here’s the Solution!

Whenever you say goodbye to the summer and welcome the winter season, home appliances like air conditioners might need some changes to function smoothly. The changes need to be done so that the AC can provide you a soothing feel to your space.

Wondering how you can do this? The simplest way is by replacing the existing HVAC filter in the AC. Get it replace by one of the most recommended AC specialist near you.

There are numerous furnace filters available in the market. They vary in terms of the degree of filtration and the filtration rate they offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most selling and highly trusted HVAC filters and AC Service Fort Smith available at Toms Heat and Air.

Filters Available at Toms Heat and Air:

Fibreglass HVAC filters:

The MERV of this filter varies between 1 to 4, and this filter is capable of entrapping every microorganism sized 50 microns or less than that. The filter increases the flow of air inside the room.

Electrostatic HVAC filters:

The range of MERV of this filter is 2 to 10. There are self-charging fibres in it to block particles measuring between 1 to 3 microns. You can also wash this filter.

Pleated HVAC filters: 

The filter has a V-shaped chevron that can block MERV in between 5 to 8. The air quality will increase automatically after installation.

HEPA filters:

The filter can catch or block almost 95 per cent of mould, bacteria, viruses, and fine dust particles smaller than 0.3 microns. If you have allergic conditions or any chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, then this one’s for you.

The team of Toms Heat and Air comprises professional and hard-working personnel. Also, there is a collection of kinds of HVAC filters for you to choose from. The service is available throughout the day. Once you call us for the service, one of our executives will reach your doorstep as quickly as possible.

If you have an air conditioner in Fort Smith and it needs servicing or a change in HVAC filter, there is an AC Service Fort Smithfacility offered by the company at a reasonable rate. You can also visit the nearest Toms and Heat and Air service centre to book an appointment. 

Furthermore, we also have other services related to heating and air in Fort Smith you can use to make your home feel warm and cosy.

The company considers the customers as their topmost priority and offers the best to satisfy the customer needs. Before the benefit of the company, we look after the benefit of the customer. 

Why Should You Choose Toms Heat and Air Service Over Others?

You can find more than one reason to choose Toms Heat and Air Service over any other servicing company.

● The company offers the best and premium quality service and ensures that the customer gets no chance to complain.

● We do not compromise with the quality and offer it at a reasonable rate.

● You, as a customer, would be updated about the cost of the installation of the HVAC filter and AC service at the time of contact.

● All kinds of payment methods are accepted at Toms Heat and Air Service.

So, if you are looking for the best AC servicing near you, then pay a visit to Toms Heat And Air store or reach us through email.